Thursday, 15 March 2012

Relative URLs and WebCenter

You want to write code in webcenter resources that's re-usable accross all instances (DEV-TEST_UAT-PROD).

Ensure you reference all UCM resources with either  a single '/', or a double '//' at the start of the relative reference. A good way to get all your images to load is to use single slash for all of them, and those that don't load maybe in a content presenter template or other, use the double slash.

Word to the wise, slash first. Not to get slashed later.

Always show UCM skin images in webcenter

If images aren't loading without being logged on to UCM (in another browser tab) when viewing webcenter, follow the steps below:
  • First ensure you put your skin's images in a folder under Contribution Folders.
  • Second web map your skin folder in ucm. (in your webcenter skin reference the web mapped URLs)
  • Third, use the image metadata profile for all images.
  • Fourth, use the WebCenterSpaces security group, not the public group.
Now all your UCM skin images will load regardless of being logged on to UCM.
If even one of your images does not adhere to this metadata combination all of your images will fail to load.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A better Find in linux

Looking for a file on linux?
Want to search to whole machine and you're getting permission denied errors?

Use this command:
find / -name YOUR_SEARCH_WORD_HERE 2>/dev/null